Growing organic mushrooms at home is easy and enjoyable. Home growing kits need only ambient light, humidity and good ventilation. Mushrooms may form in anywhere from ten to fifteen days. There will be several fruitings depending on the variety. The kits weigh approximately 7 pounds. Full, detailed instructions are included with each kit. While all of our organic indoor kits are guaranteed to fruit, some varieties are suitable for outdoor cultivation only (see *) and should be planted in a shady garden. Yield depends on environmental conditions and quality of substrate.

We offer the following organically-produced home growing kits for the following mushroom varieties:




Shiitake/Shian Ku - Lentinula edodes
Oyster - Pleurotus ostreatus  
Beech - Hypsizygus tessulatus 
Enokitake - Flammulina velutipes   
Reishi/Ling-Zhi - Ganoderma lucidum/tsugae
Maitake - Grifola frondosa  
Pink Oyster - Pleurotus djamor 
King Oyster - Pleurotus eringii 
Lion's Mane - Hericium erinaceus 
Yellow Oyster - Pleurotus cintrinopileatus 
Cinnamon Cap - Hypholoma sublateritium 
Nameko - Pholiota nameko 
Pioppino - Aegrita agrocybe
White Ferula - Pleurotus nebrodensis
Turkey Tail - Tramets versicolor




Wine Cap - Stropharia rugoso-annulata*
Morel - Morchella esculenta*
Shaggy Mane - Coprinus comatus*
Giant Puffball - Calvatia gigantia*
Chicken of the Woods - Laetiporus sulphurus*
Wood Blewit - Lepista Nuda*









 * All outdoor varieties are experimental and fruiting is not guaranteed.​

Kits are ready-to-fruit - inoculated, sterile substrate, sealed in special bags. Each kit comes with instructions on fruiting methods and growing conditions. Generally, specialty mushrooms need light, good air exchange and humidity. The yield from a kit depends on all of the above conditions and skill and patience. Each kit and spawn bag weighs approximately 7 lbs. at shipping.

Since they are live cultures, orders and kits are innoculated upon receipt of order and payment. Spawn run differs for each type, from 3 to 8 weeks, before the kits are ready for shipping.

No matter how many mushrooms are harvested, you will enjoy seeing them pin and grow, then rest and repeat the process. When the kits stop producing indoors, they may be used to innoculate outdoor garden spots or logs. They can also be worked into the garden soil for enrichment.

Kits need light, oxygen and humidity, no pesticides or insecticides.

Certified organic mushrooms by O.C.I.A. International.

All kits and spawn are organically grown without pesticides, insecticides or preservatives.