Commercial Growers:

Please call (519) 534-1570 for information.

Specialty Mushroom Cultivation 


Commercial shipping is provided year-round in temperature-controlled containers. 


Grow blocks indoors
Grow blocks are purchased for growing in an indoor setting usually at 60-70 F. 
Shiitake, Oyster, Elm Oyster, Beech, Enoki, Reishi, and Maitake can all be grown indoors, year round by following the directions included with the kits. Different types of mushrooms require different types of environments, some cooler, some warmer, but always humid, airy and well lit.

Grow blocks outdoors
Mushrooms can be grown in your garden on a hardwood sawdust mulch. Wine Cap and Shaggy Mane can be grown in this fashion. Puff Ball and Morel can be attempted but success depends on environmental conditions and mother nature's cooperation. The outdoor cultures may take 2-3 years to establish. 

Hardwood logs indoors & outdoors
Hardwood logs can be inoculated with sawdust spawn. Shiitake, Oyster, Elm Oyster and Reishi can be grown using this method. Hardwood logs can be fruited indoors year round, or can be grown outside, in a shady, moist area that gets snow cover in winter.