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     Wylie Mycologicals is an organic specialty mushroom facility which includes a mycological laboratory, spawn rooms and growing chambers. Our mushrooms are fully certified organic. We offer:
Wylie Mycologicals is a member of:
Certified organic mushrooms by O.C.I.A. International.
     All kits, mycelium and spawn are organically grown whithout pesticides, insecticides or preservatives.

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Originally published in Mushroom World, vol.18 , # 4, December 2007 Reproduced with the kind permission of the publisher.

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       Cultivation of Certified Organic Specialty Mushrooms is fascinating and enjoyable. It can be pursued indoors, year-around. and outdoors in gardening season. Organic Specialty Mushroom kits also make wonderful, unusual presents for all occasions.

       Include Certified Organic Specialty Mushroom growing for health and fun. Growing does not require pesticides or chemical controls and all mycelium and blocks are organically produced.

       Wylie Mycologicals is located just North of Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, some 2.5 hours drive North West of Toronto, on the scenic Bruce Peninsula. Visits may be arranged by calling - (519) 534-1570

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Wylie Mycologicals, 166 South Bass Lake Road, RR#1, Wiarton, Ontario, Canada, N0H 2T0
Tel (519)-534-1570.